Is being ghosted/dumped my fault?

A month ago I was dating an awesome guy. It was an incredibly fun/back and forth texting and hanging out 4 times a week thing. From my experience this type of situation usually turns into a relationship. At some point the guy I was dating started to trail off and not contact me as often. I obviously noticed and decided to start dating other guys and not get invested. A week after I moved on he asked me why I ditched him. He told me that he always wanted to be with me but had been busy with his job and was hurt that I'd moved on so quickly - so from his POV I'm the one who ended it! I did in fact move on but I'm not willing to chase after someone who's not giving me attention. Now he won't talk to me. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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  • It seems there was a lack of communication on both your parts. He was busy, but assumed you'd know. He should have explained the reasons for the lack of contact. You assumed the lack of contact was a sign of pulling away , so you moved on.

    He's probably hurt because you'd moved onto someone else so quickly. He'll probably take that as you weren't all that interested in him anyway. People like to know they are worthy of fighting for. That the relationship is worth saving. Neither of you did that. You both just made assumptions , instead of communicating.

    Assumptions destroy relationships. So assumptions and lack of communication ended your relationship


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  • Lmaooo You obviously still want the D


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  • How could someone else's actions be your fault?