Came on to strong can I fix this?

So this girl and I been talking and we hung out everthing was great but I think I messed up by coming on to strong she admjtted to me that she thought I might want a relationship or something and she freaked out now she's not talking to me fuck is there anyway I csn recover from this stupid mistake im really into this girl like she was into me to but se wants to it slow I think


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  • No, you should move on.


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  • If she's into you she's not going to freak out and stop talking to you. If she's into you she's going to want a relationship and even if she did want to take things slow, she'd let you know that. If all you did was come on a little strong you didn't mess up, it was just simply a matter that she didn't feel the same way. There's no point in waiting around for someone who doesn't feel the same way. The only thing I recommend you do now is back off, don't contact her and let her come to you.. If she does actually like you, allow her to chase you and not the other way around... You've tried chasing her and it didn't work so there's no point in doing that anymore.. It's her turn now.