Should we go the distance?

I met a really great guy this summer, at the start of the summer I let him know that I would be moving a couple of states away and we agreed to just make the most of it. It's been a few months now and things are still going great, this is the healthiest relationship I've ever been in and he's such a great guy, I'm really bummed out to have to end this just as it's really getting started, especially when it's in such an exciting place. I never have the desire to have a guy meet my best friends or want to meet his or his family, at least not in a very, very long time, and yet here I am having those feelings. It's not really love yet but it's got some depth to it. I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out on a really great thing by letting the guy go. I kept insisting that in moving to a new place (for a great new job) I didn't want to be hung up on missing someone all the time and worrying about dedicating my time and making visits back home, I think it's healthy to be single in a new place, make friends and THEN pursue romantic relationships after getting your feet wet in your new home, all that rationality is taking a back seat right now, the closer I get to moving I get sad about having this thing be over. I'll be back in October for a friend's birthday and he said he'd see me then, and I asked if he'd ever want to come visit and he said of course- what do you guys think? 23 Year old girl moves to a new city for a really cool job- and then what? I figured the most I could do is keep in contact with him even if it is just as friends (which I think we're capable of, we have a pretty healthy relationship) and if I'm missing him like crazy I can always talk to him about that right? see if he feels the same too?


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  • yes 50 km is good distance. You watched rio 2016 ? Running race 50 km.

  • as him to move with you. he may agree if he wants you. @F_M

    • It's way too soon to consider something like that, I think he's happy here and I'm just going to be getting started out there.

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    • ahh no not for me, that's way too soon, we're still just barely getting to know each other.

    • sex? have you had?

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  • Judging by what you mentioned, I think just want to keep him around in case you never find someone else.