Should you send a second text?

So I'm speaking to this girl. She gave me her email and we chat for a while. On like the third day, she didn't respond to my email. It's been 3 days.

She seemed interested, but she is also a kinda busy person. Should I send a second email?

Do you ever send one? I want to send it coz I'm keen on her but I don't want to seem desperate.


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  • I think you should just in case though, I remember last time I messaged someone and they didn't respond back and I didn't either because I knew he was busy as well found out he didn't get my message. he had to comment on my picture because his chat wasn't acting right... but since it's been only 3 days, wait a little more

    • Really? Wait more? I thought 3 days would be a long time?

    • not really, it's been times when I couldn't respond back right away, and it has been more than 3 days. She could be just really busy. If you want to send another one, go right away, at least she will know, you are still thinking about her


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  • No, stop

  • Noow don't send any more she's ghosting you

  • Forget about the desperate thing, if you really like this girl then message her again. If she doesn't answer then maybe she is not interested or is "too busy" for a relationship right now.


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