Am I wasting my time?

I have been with my girlfriend for three months,. I am considerably older than her. I am 53 and she is 26. In these three months we have had some trust issues. Going for walks and meeting up with a male "friend" that admittedly has more than friendship in mind. she told me several concerning stories about him. One he molested her in her sleep, and another had to do with her 6 year old son. Yet she lied to me about her son going to family for a couple days so we could have alone time. Long story short she got caught, I forgave her, but the trust was damaged. Then there were a couple more instances when she had been chatting other guys up exchanging pics and blatant flirting. We talked about it, and I told her that I needed 100%. I need to know I'm the only one. I know it may seem silly, but she makes no mention of me on Facebook and she is on it all of the time. Clearly she has guys that in my opinion stalk her page. As soon as she posts they are liking and commenting. She says she looks for my likes, but I'm just not the guy to hover over her page. Besides... I really don't want to be a part of "that" fan club. She is a beautiful woman, and I know how guys can be. I get the fact that she is going to be approached by other guys, and even be disrespected by them. She has asked me to marry her, yet when these situations arise, it's like she ignores or feeds off of their attention. It would make me feel better if she would just tell them that she's in a relationship and that she is not interested in their advances. (That's what I do.) We have talked about it, and she says that there is nothing going on. Unless she is at work, we are always together. That being said I have caught the stalker at her work on several occasions when I was picking her up. I'm so friggin lost right now. But the broken trust is still there. We talked about it, and told her that regaining my trust is possible, but it will likely take some time. I didn't mean time for me to get use to it.


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  • Yes you're wasting your time. Here's why, red flag number 1. She meets up with guys that obvious wants to bang her. Red flag number 2 chats and exchange pictures with others guys. Obviously she doesn't want to be in a relationship. I'm sorry to tell you this but someone who is 26 will not dad a 53 year old because they love them. Date someone who is mature and wants a committed relationship. Preferably someone in your age group. Or at least 35. That girl seems to be using you. Let her go.


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  • Tsk tsk... This is very obvious in my opinion, SHe's just playing with you and I get the impression that you just can't accept it that's why you talk to her and talk to her and talk to her again telling her not to do it again inorder to make yourself feel better...
    Actions speak louder than words.. That's why I don't Believe people's words easily. I look at their actions always.
    It's lonely not having a partner,, But you gotta do what whatcha gotta do.


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  • It seems like she may be using You

  • She doesn't genuinely care about you. I think you should move on because you're clearly wasting your time and she is only using you for a way to validate her ego.


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