When do you become exclusive?

I just meet a guy he lives about 2 hours away. We have been communication a little over a month and have spent a couple of weekends together. I really like this guy and I think he feels the same way. My question is when do you have the talk about being exclusive? Is it to early to have that talk. The reason I'm asking is we meet on a dating site and I have closed my account and he told me that he was going to close his. Well I went look to see if he did and he's still on it. Should that be a red flag or is it to early for me to be so upset. He has told me that he really likes spending time with me and wants to see where this will go. It just bother's me that he's still on the site. Please any advice will help I don't what to say anything I shouldn't...


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  • Talk as soon as you can. Communication is so important. He may not know that's what you want. I just commented on another similar question that I've seen so many early relationships fail because one person doesn't know what the other wants. One person thinks it's exclusive. The other doesn't, so goes off and has sex with someone else.


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  • You should mention it to him as quick as possible, otherwise he will assume that you're only interested in casual dating.


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  • When you both say i love you.


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