Confused if she has some feelings?

A friend of mine knows that i like her she's never brought up the subject when we're together we go do things at night a couple nights a week last week she met my grandmother and last night she came with me to go get things for her we went to dinner and had a great time afterwards she said we should get ice cream for her so on the way she got a call from her grandmother her grandmother asked what she was doing she said i'm with my friend she asked if i was cute and she looked at me and said yes he's very cute when we got back to my familys house she was talking to my grandmother and aunt and they were telling stories about me and she kept on looking over at me and smiling and looking me in the eyes they gave her a couple bottles of perfume as we were leaving she was smelling her perfume on her hand and i asked if i could smell it she said yes so i took her hand and she didn't pull away the thing is she only acts this way when were alone when were in a group she acts normally towards me and i know she is not looking for a relationship with anyone right now but can i assume that she is at least attracted to me?


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  • I think she is definitely attracted to you.


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  • From what I experienced, girls act different around others, so you can still believe that she likes you when she acts like that with only you around and not these other people.