Three dates. Three days in a row. Now he wants a break?

Ok. So I went on three dates which were three days in a row due to him asking. He's from out of town so the fourth day I mentioned that I was going out with a few friends and if he was bored he could join us. His response was "I think we should take a break after three days in a row ;)" What the heck? Does this mean he lost interest? I really like him and don't want to screw it up!!! Help? Am I just being a typical spazzy girl?


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  • I think it really depends on what his schedule is. He could be busy and caught up with something else that needs his immediate attention and can't meet up with you for the time being, such as he has to work or something else that is really important and personal to him that came up. Different people, different schedules, and different priorities.

    You've had three dates already, if it still don't work out at all and he doesn't bother to call you again after about 2 or 3 weeks in row, then he's probably had other change of plans and change of interest. For the time being, just let him have his space.


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  • He meant literally a break not a break up.
    And he's right you guys need some break give it a time to miss each other. He still likes you


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  • 72 hours of your bs
    ofc he would want a break 😂 😂 😂
    any how u need some space too


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  • Lol, it sounds like he likes you. Just let him have his "space" and have fun with your friends.