I have no friends nor best friends I can truly trust?

I am 24 and i have no friends, i have three friends i sometimes hang out with but i have no best friends, no friend i can share personal information, i dont trust anyone. I feel like i am so alone i keep feeling depressed and awful... i dont have a family either, everyone acts like everything is a competition and there is no love. I know its hard to make friends especially girls after a certain age... like 25, i feel like everyone already has their relationships and their cliques so i just dont interfere. I never had a boyfriend either which makes everything even more weird, i had a guy before but he btrayed me and went to another girl cause i had no friends or a fun life


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  • Happens to people all the time, which is why you have to join an activity where people need to work with each other and newcomers are OK and welcome


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  • Almost everyone feels that way. Even those who have their "cliques". Anyway, if you need more people to hang out, try picking a new hobby.