Should guys text girls first?

im always texting my girl first so should i give her space and wait for her to text me even though it is killing me not talking to her?


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  • Everybody wants the other to make the first move. Most guys want girls to text first and most girls want guys to text first. Its really who decides to take the "risk" first. Personally I mostly get so crazy of hesitating if that person could like me back that I just go for it and see what happens. Though I can't really say it has always turned out as I hoped😂 I litterly never had anyone who I liked back text me first (well one person did but he had no idea i liked him and he asked me for a phone number of a girl he liked (ouch)). Thats why right now im waiting till my crush makes a move. I know he's interested, the signs are so obvious. He knows im interested as well because again, its so obvious. Though it has been almost half a year since we started staring, smiling at eachother etc so im kinda worried he's waiting it out too..

    • Well said mate! Came to say something similar lol.

      Good luck with your crush! Hope he text yah :)

    • Thanks! I hope so too.. Do you know what it means when a guy you dont know super well (yet) winks at you and smiles?

    • something in his eye and lip exercises 🤔😋!!!

      But seriously, it means he's showing you he has some level of interest in you. An attempting to get your attention by pequing your interest.

      If you're interested in him, which I think you are haha, you can smile back and go say hi
      or wave flirtatiously 😏.

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  • It doesn't matter who texts first.


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  • It doesn't matter who texts first.
    If she truly liked you, then she will text you first sometimes.

  • For me I would like it better if the guy text first because if the girl would be first then we girls would look desperate and flirty.

    • Yea but i was told about being to clingy so i dont know when i should message her

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    • I mean if you'd want to be closer to her then do what a friend does. Just start off as friends first.

    • I know i know thanks

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  • A lot of girls expect guys to text them first. Here's the deal, if you text her first and she just gives short replies and doesn't make an effort to continue the conversation... Stop texting her first and give her space, however if you text her first and she always seems happy to talk to you, long replies, keeps the conversation going etc, don't stop. Just because she doesn't text you first doesn't mean she isn't interested in you or wants more space.

    • She just started college and is meeting new people so I've been trying to give her space but it seems odd and i get so jealous and we haven't talked that much today