Is my boyfriend mad at me?

The guy that I am dating gives me super bad anxiety. It is not that I do not trust him or I feel uncomfortable with him it is just that I worry myself about him too much. I am not going to lie I do have some insecurity issues and attachment issues that I am working on and this is my first actual relationship and I do not know how to handle it. We have been dating for about 5 months and he is in the military so that adds on to my anxiety because he is always going overseas and I never get to really see him that much. We never really get to hang out with each other as much as we really want because our schedules do not match at all and he is busy all of the time. He just got back a couple of weeks ago from 7 months overseas and we have not been able to hang out with each other at all and we really want to because he is getting ready to leave again soon. He really likes me and wants to be able to see me all of the time but we are never able to. He is so sweet and caring and he does not care how much time we have to spend together as long as he is able to see me and know that I am alright. He is kind of upset right now because we have not been able to spend time together and he is worried that our relationship is going to last. He understands my situation and knows that my parents do not allow me to date and I have to sneak out to be able to see him and he is willing to wait for me and do whatever it takes to be with me. We were supposed to go on our date finally for the first time we both were so excited waiting and then I messaged him to ask him where he was and he did not answer and it turned out he was not able to make it but I don't know why cause he is not responding to my messages or anything. I don't think he is mad at me (i hope not) but I am starting to get worried because this is not like him. maybe he is busy Advice?


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  • Maybe something came up, like a family emergency. If he wanted to go on that date as bad as you did, it has to be a legit reason and it sounds like you've given him no reason to be angry with you

  • Can you paraphrase for me?