New girlfriend barely talking, need advice?

So, I've been close friends with this chick for 10 years and she's always had a crush on me since hs. 2 weeks ago I had her come over and I started to like her and we made it official. She did warn me that she does have issues. So, long story short, this past week she's currently trying to get her daughter back because she's trying to find a place to live. She's barely talking to me when I'm trying to help her and the only thing she says to me is that she's 100 dedicated on trying to get her daughter back. I understand Her daughter comes first, but barely talking to me? Is there something she's not saying or is she really telling the honest truth and she's just stressed?


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  • Without communication, it isn't a relationship. Speak to her and let her know you are there for her whenever she needs anything and that if she can't confront you with what is bothering her then why is she with you?

  • She's probably just really stressed. Give her time


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