I met the guy of my dreams- how do I make it work?

Basically I met the man of my dreams a few months ago on a volunteer trip. I never immediately saw him as "hot" but we had to share a van and hotel room (with another girl) and I got to know him. We just clicked, it felt like I'd known him for years and we didn't stop talking/laughing. He was flirty, hugging me, calling me to make sure I was ok when we split up during the day to volunteer (it was dangerous there!). He is a doctor so I know he is super busy, I totally get/respect that. We arranged to meet for a coffee when back home but he cancelled the day before and never really heard from him. I was disappointed, but moved on with my life. Fast forward a few months and he messages me out of the blue, asking how I am. He said he moved hospitals and no longer works such crazy hours. We chatted by text and for the first time the conversation was outwardly flirty. He admitted he had some feelings for me on the trip and wished he could spend time alone with me. We agreed to meet for some drinks and a movie at my place/his. We had a great time, it was like we were old friends, no awkwardness. We had sex and it was really intense, and amazing. He made it about my pleasure rather than his. The next day we cuddled in bed, he brushed my hair out of my face and held me close. We watched TV cuddled up in comfortable silence. I texted him to say thanks for a lovely time and he hasn't come back to me. Is he just after sex? Am I being deluded? I really felt a connection and I don't know how to make it clear I want more than sex without scaring him away! Do I wait for him to contact me again? He is so amazing I feel like I can't sit back and do nothing! Any advice would be appreciated :)


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  • If he's a man of your dreams, all you have to do is fall asleep


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  • Give it a bit of time. He might just be busy and is seeing how you react. Let him come to you, take things slow and see how they play out. I wanna add there's nothing wrong with sleeping with him on that date and it's not an indication of whether things will last or not, if he's into you he'll call you.


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  • Just calm yo tittaaaays chicka.

    Wait for him to contact you again. If he doesn't respond to you, it means he was just tryna have some action. However, if he does reach out there's a big chance that he felt the same connection.

  • So you let him bang you the first time you alone together!!! If he a decent sort of guy he will probably think your a slut and won't want to have anything more to do with you. Doctors rarely like to introduce sluts to their friends or fellow doctors.