How can I start more conversations and stop being so quiet?

I happen to be an introvert and I'm not the type of person to start conversations. My boyfriend really wants me to stop being so quiet around him and I'm not sure what to do. He always starts the conversations, and he really wishes I would start some. My problem is that I never know what to talk about. I'm more of a listener than I am a talker, but I can definitely talk a lot when I have something to talk about. Anyway, any ideas?


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  • We're so similar so I get you. I like staying quiet and just listening but people aren't so understanding.

    What you can do is just talk about stuff like what happened today, at school or work, a film or tv series, or anything new about him, any plans you have. Anything random but not too random.

    It's easy to give you advice but I know how difficult it is cause I am experiencing the same thing. I'm actually starting to get better but then recently I'm getting so fed up I feel like there's no point so when you get to this point, just encourage yourself and be positive.

  • I can relate, I'm the same too I just don't like talking a lot, maybe ask him to talk to you