Guys, if you ask a girl to kiss you, is this something you were planning?

Like were you thinking about kissing her while you've been talking or planning how to go about it or is it just spontaneous?


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  • A spontaneous kiss, is where he just leans into you because he's enjoying the moment. If you turn your head, he kisses your cheek; if you lean back, he kisses your neck.

    A planned kiss is where everything seems nonchalant and cool, with someone that is obviously nervous.

    Asking for a kiss, seems just like a simple request for a relationship; but if you were to be courting each other (trying to start dating) it just seems like the person is a little too nervous to just "go for it".

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Though question, I must admit I had to think about this one for a bit.

    The actual kiss is spontaneous as moments keep changing in the interaction between 2 people that you just need to wait until you hit one of those moments.

    However leading up to the kiss is slightly planned, leading a conversation towards the point of her accepting a kiss or getting to the point she'd want one.Theres always the spontaneous kisses where you just feel the time is right although you haven't really been working towards those, usually these are more enjoyable for me personally as I didn't have to "try" to get to that moment, if that makes sense.

    that's the best I can explain it anyhow :p

    • I actually skipped the whole question part as I've never done it because of ArtistBboys reasons

  • This is a good question. For me its mostly planned I just try to find the right time for it. If I just met the girl though I can't really plan until I know she's attracted to me so in that case I guess it is spontaneous.

  • yeah I agree with him I wait for the right time

  • usually yes. we were probably thinking about it days before we asked you


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