Long Distance Help ?

I've been online dating this guy for almost 6 months. we live about an hour away from each other and we haven't met in person yet. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? also he is really late on answering my texts and when we FaceTime he doesn't really talk much. PLEASE HELP


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  • An hour away? Serious? It takes me longer than that to get to work. Stop being shy and meet up!

    • I don't really feel like my relationship is real, I don't think he's told anyone about me and we aren't even on each other's social media. I've told a few people about him because I'm just so happy.

    • Maybe then ask him why you haven't met yet. Seriously, an hour is partially walking distance!

What Girls Said 2

  • Ever seen Catfish? Something doesn't add up.

    • I've seen it , I've verified that his pictures are actually him and I have seen him on FaceTime and Skype. I just feel like something isn't right and I don't know what to do

    • I'm not saying that he doesn't look like he is the same person, but there are people that have fake social media accounts under other names. If he won't meet you with that short of a distance he is hiding something.

  • 6 months is a long time I would ask him if I didn't ask I would assume he isn't interested and move on