Should I give her a flower?

Ok so at first this may sound like a weird question. But I actually worked on a flower farm this summer and got to create these beautiful zinnias. Anyway so I met this girl at the beach and we went on a bunch of dates and took her to this little ball that was a few weeks ago. Long story short, we really like each other but just met at the end of summer... Horrible timing. Ik. We're both heading back to different schools this weekend. I can only visit her while she's working and i was thinking about giving her a flower cause I missed her birthday. But I already got her a huge thing of flowers Im Gonna leave on her door step and a note to go with it surprise at her house when she gets off work. Do you think this is too much? Cause we did decide to take it slow, but I thought it would be a romantic gesture since we won't see each other for months..


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  • That is extremely sweet!!! :) If she doesn't appreciate it, there's something wrong with her. What woman doesn't like flowers and a sweet, utterly romantic gesture of how you feel towards her?


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  • Give her only a single rose a few flowers. Don't over do it by always giving her a bueay everytime

  • Flowers and all this chivalry stuff does not work on women these days. Do not do it if you want to get frienzoned.