Does my ex want me back? He's asking to visit the dog he brought me before we broke up?

Does my ex want me back ? He's asking to visit the dog he brought me  before we broke up?
My ex broke up with me around 2weeks ago because he needs his space and freedom, he said he loves me and wants to marry me but right now he needs to be free. So I did exactly what he wanted gave him his freedom and I've been trying to move on. I've been partying with friends and I've also been modeling and he has been liking all my pics I post on Instagram and watches my snapshots. Sends me texts every once and awhile asking how I've been and I just keep it short and say good and anything further I do not respond. So haven't heard from him all week I didn't reach out ether but today I wanted to cut all ties and I texted him asking he wanted his brand new clothes he left at my house and he wanted to come by and get them, but I made up and excuse and told him I would drop them off to his dad to avoid contact but he's asking to see the dog he brought me what should I do does he want me back I mean I see he has been talking to other girls asking them to text him here's our messages I'm in the green text he's in gray.


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  • i wouldn't assume he wants you back.


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  • Seems like he was being nice in general