Boyfriends mother treats him like a baby?

Basically, I'm 18 and he's 20. He lives at home which I think is a HUGE contributing factor. His mother has to know what he's doing all the time, what time he'll be home, what bus he's catching, she texts him throughout the day asking if he's ok and he answers immediately. Plans have to be run by her, even stupid stuff like getting home after an event. We're both adults and I feel like I can't do anything without consulting mammy, it's honestly starting to get to me too much. I've spoken to him about it and he claims it's because she just really cares.. But it's getting a bit ridiculous. What should I do? Other than this he is the best I could ask for and I'm very happy.. And I do love him.


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  • When helicopter parents raise man-childs who'll be living in their parents' basement till they're fucking 40.


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  • I guess you can get used to that. Your boyfriend doesn't seem that bothered with the way his mother is treating him, if you already spoke to him and he said that I mean... What else could you do? Maybe try again

    • I guess I could try talking to him again, but it'll probably get the same result. I don't think I can get used to it, it's kinda restricting for me. Thanks for the reply though. :)