Gym crush, does he like me/why isn't he approaching me?

Hey so there's this guy I like a my local gym. We used to basically go in together at the same time everyday. One day I worked up the nerve to talk to him. We go to the same college so we asked about each other's programs and I asked him a school related question. He seemed super friendly and smiley. The next time I talked to him it was at his work. Went to the golfing range with my dad like we do every two weeks and surprisingly seen him there, talked for a little bit about nothing special and I spent some time with my dad. This week I ran into a treadmill and recovered­čś│ But he past by smiling and said that it looked like that hurt, I asked how he was he asked how I was and that was that. Today I smiled at him on the elliptical, he gave me an awkward half assed smile went 4 ellipticals to my left and put in his head phones. I don't know I've got him glancing my way a couple of times and I've even noticed him smile whenever I'm with a friend at the gym and smile in his direction. I've been told he looks at me a lot but he's never really come up to initiate any convo except the one time he seen me run slam I to a treadmill. He seems very nice and friendly but the one today it was just odd I feel like I gave him an in or ample opportunity to at least say hi or start a convo and instead I guess I got shot down? After about a minute or three when I was done I noticed he took his head phone out closest to me. I always seem to have the luck of liking guys that are already in relationships and I can generally tell when a guy likes me but when it comes to guys I like I have no clue. I guess I should just try again with the smile and if it doesn't work just move on? Ftr he is kind of shy... I just feel awkward starting a conversation with someone that it felt like he clearly didn't want to Initiate convo with me, plus I've already initiated twice I don't want to appear desperate. I guess im gonna just see what happens tomorrow and not overthink the whole situation.


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  • Maybe he's shy? Maybe he just doesn't know what to say. Maybe he can't find the right words? Try to initiate a convo and try to keep the convo going. It's easy to tell if he's shy or wants to leave and is not into it lol


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  • tldnr


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  • Wayyyy too long to read.