Boyfriend's friends dont like me?

We've been together for a year. My ex husband spead lies about me to two of my boyfriend's friends, a married couple. They have been a problem all year and i believe they chose to beleive these lies for their own selfish convenience. I feel I should chose not to be around them any longer. My boyfriend said a while back he may unfriend them or take care of problem in another way. Well its gotten worse and I don't see either happening. Frustrated and feeling hurt.


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  • Just tell him to shut up and finish it with the word "coward". The very fact that he is lying and making shit up is the sheer definition of coward and a sign that he has no respect for you. All you really have to do to prove to the two friends your ex is a liar and a coward is if he was telling the truth you would still be married to him. Then quote "drop the mic." and walk away. Be you girl dont let those followers tear you down.


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  • It shouldn't matter at all. You should avoid them. However, do not force your boyfriend to unfriend them. What he does with them, it's only up to him.


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  • Find out why, being vindictive about it will not fix the problem, figure out why and try and prove otherwise.

  • I would say have confrontation, and tell him how you feel about his friends.

    Honestly they're probably assholes who just want to ruin your relationship.


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