I saw my boyfriends phone secretely and there was a kissing photo with other girl. help?

I'm Asian girl. I'm so confusing please help me. I wonder is it normal that kissing other girl when you date with someone? that picture was 2 weeks after our first date. we even almost had a sex our first date!! he asked me to be his girlfriend after 2 month. I want to ask him why he kissed with other girl while he met me. but little scared because I don't know about western culture. we met 1 year and he has been so nice to me. please let me know.. what to do


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  • So, this is a difficult one because unless the two of you agree that you're going to be exclusive he technically did nothing wrong. You may feel hurt or even betrayed, but if he didn't tell you that you're the only one he's dating... then don't.

    Having said that, if he DID say anything like that, then I would ask him about it.

    Though it's strange that he would keep the picture, in my opinion.

    • Also, nosing through his phone is not a good idea. If you trust him, leave it alone. If he's given you reason to not trust him, then ask him to see it.

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  • Sounds like you weren't the only one he was dating. Dating in western culture is basically nothing like an exclusive relationship. It allows you to be with numerous of women/men and try to understand one and another as a person before becoming exclusive.


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  • what kind of kisses? Pecks on cheeks? depends on type and intensity of the kisses. and why would he take kissing pics? If one is enjoying a kiss, they will not bother to take a pic of it.

  • It depends if he was at a bar and she kissed him then I don't think you have nothing to worry about... Unless he can't control his urges.. but if it's lips and you have something to worry about

  • Asian girl chasing white man in white man land. Thats why. Get to know the guy instead of choosing based on looks


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  • lass, it was hell of time ago and he only just met you! has nothing good happened since that you really want to drag that out? if he's a good guy and you're in a relationship now and he doesn't do that, then everything is fine. You weren't a couple back then so relax