He said he was too busy, but posting to FB?

I have posted about this guy before. Met him online, I have chatted w/him for almost a month and recently we started vid chatting and texting. I've been getting a feeling of disinterest and this may confirm it. He sometimes takes hours to respond to me. Today I told him how much I enjoyed talking to him and asked him if he was busy later today, I knew he was out w/friends and everything. He told me he wasn't sure about being busy later and said he also enjoyed talking to me. One night I decided not to text him because he was being sporadic, he ended up texting me goodnight.

I usually have to initiate the video chat, he forgets even though he mentions it, but is always open to chat, we end up chatting for hours. by the way he lives kinda far away, so this why we vid chat. I checked his fb and he managed to post a couple times, so he isn't that busy. Does he just want alone time or is he ignoring me?


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  • I honestly wish people were honest in situations like this. If they don't want to talk to someone they should be honest. Anyways, I think he doesn't want to talk to you anymore. People use the ''I am too busy excuse'' are full of shit because everyone can make a little time for someone or plan out a little time for someone. I am sorry he is not being honest with you.

    • He didn't say he was busy at the moment, but earlier when I asked him if he would be busy, he said he didn't know.

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    • They say he has no interest, but very mixed feelings.

    • What mixed feelings?

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  • He didn't want to talk to you


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  • Why haven't you met this person yet? He's lost interest because you haven't met him.