Guys, im in love with my best friend what do I do?

im in love with my best friend... he recently told me that he has always loved me and we were going to get together in 2014 but my female friend had sex with him and she told me that he was in love with her... now here is my problem, because he has been with my friend should i give up? plus i just moved back to my home state and now me and him are now 25 hours away... he said he wants to come visit but i dont know if i should let him... i love him i do but I don't know what to do.


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  • Let him visit you if you really love him. Give it a try and see what happens. Yes it sucks your friend slept with him and the distance sucks. But if it's meant to be it can work out. But it's up to you.

  • Ouch mate!! I'm sorry. I know the kind of pain that comes with thinking about what your friend got to do and you didn't. Had a near identical situation like yours where my best mate got the girl I love. But then she loved me. But then chose him again. It's confusing. It's hard to be friends with him because even though I kind of have the girl now, it still weighs on me that she talks to him. It's like you never know what could happen.

    But anyway I wouldn't worry about the distance, he's clearly willing to make the journey and effort on his end to see you. And to me it's showing his interest level in you is pretty high. You love him, you should allow yourself to give it a go if the chance is there to be together and experience a relationship beyond friendship.

    What's got you worried?