I am scared that I'm the crazy ex girlfriend?

So a year ago broke up with my one and off boyfriend of 3 years because of his commitment issues. He was upfront and honest about it and so we proceeded to cut of all contact. 3 months later he started to reach out again through Snapchat. Let's say a snap every week and this continued for another 8 months. I never replied to any. Until he started to text me and became super rude about why I wouldn't talk to him or generally reciprocate anything. He has a girlfriend from 4 months after our initial breakup. So I thought it was absurd that he wanted me so much besides having a girlfriend that he hid from me for so long saying she's a friend.
So I just kept giving him the cold-turkey and never showed him that his new girlfriend was killing me - everyday. I still never showed interest in him, going colder everyday. But it's to the point that I feel I'm going to die. I can't see him with someone else. I want to tell him everything, but I'm afraid what the outcome will be. I'll sound like a dramatic weak ass woman. But I'm dying. He's going so public with her lately and I'm like at my own funeral.
Currently about a month ago, we've had a good conversation finally after a year of me being cold turkey. It was like magic, we both fell into it and it was very flirty and romantic. But after a few days he pulled back - maybe because he's dating someone else. He became cold himself but still continues to Snapchat regularly and texts occasionally and I've been cold turkey ever since.

I don't feel it's going the right way! Should I tell him upfront about how I feel or would I look like a weak ass woman? He's probably just going to laugh at me.


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  • A truly crazy person wouldn't even realize they were lol


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  • Don't do anything at all. Do not contact him, block his number and stop thinking about him. There is a reason you two broke up, you have to remember that.