Is this going from Friendship to Relationship?

My male friend has always been a guy who stayed with me for everything, always did whatever he could for me, talked to me etc. He always helped me in other relationships, bought things for me when he could, listened to me, everything. Recently, he asked me to go get dinner after his college classes and I happily agreed. Got to the dinner place, we joked, laughed, he seemed himself but also on his best behavior if that makes sense. He then picked up the bill for the two of us. I said I had to leave after dinner (I did but not right away), but I was having fun so I said I still had some time. We spent the rest of the night/day doing random things and going to shops etc (he felt like he was my boyfriend, it just felt that way). We leave, I say thanks for dinner, and he doesn't make any moves or anything, but we left it open to go again. However, he now texts me asking if I want anything when he picks up food, or just smaller things. I can't tell if this is turning into dating now or friendship (either of which I'm fine with) but what do you think?


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  • No that was just a dinner with your best freind. It sounds like you two are on your way to a relationship. If you want to pursue the relationship try encouraging him more. Or just causally have a chat about you two sometime while your hanging out with him. See if he wants to date or if he is just being a bit to close of a freind.
    Good luck you two.


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  • You lost me after the first couple of bs sentences. What's your question?