How do I approach this girl at gym?

So I've been going gym for the past 2 months doing cardio only and I've lost some weight with more to go. Getting fitter never felt so good!
I've got my eyes on this girl that goes gym also. She does cardio and weights and just looks really fit.
This might sound dumb but what are some not-so-cheesy conversation starters for a place like the gym?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Simply ask her (for the sake of the conversation) to teach you how to lift weights and ask what the benefits of lifting could be. Obviously, this helps build muscle mass but just pretend you don't know this and then let the conversation flow from there. Ask her how long she has been lifting or how long has she been in this gym. ETC.

    • Good idea! How long has she been going gym..
      "I only just started 2 months ago you new as well?"

    • 👍🏾 lol, good luck !

Most Helpful Guy

  • pretty tough to hit on girls at the gym, maybe when you are at the water cooler you can start something going about the gym also you should start lifting weights she will notice you more and weightlifting is incredibly beneficial for weight loss and strength.

    • Yes sir!! I'm incorporating weights into my routine at the end of my cardio work out. I feel so good and the muscles just look so nice on the mirror when tensed haha

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What Girls Said 3

  • Ask anything , but please do not use cheesy pick up lines you usually can find on google , because it just too awkward 😂

  • You should ask her if maybe she wants to work out with you. Then if she says yes, and it leads somewhere , you too will have a common hobby

  • Just be like hey you need help with something/or I seen you around do you come here often/ like something casual.
    Don't ever use cheesy pick up line or try too hard.
    Just act like you are talking to a random girl who you don't find attractive but just try to engage in a convo because you are bored.. If that make sense lol


What Guys Said 1

  • When you see her coming quickly pick up a couple of dumbbells and start counting our loud "97,98,99,100" and then say "wow I didn't even break a sweat this time" and then turn to her and make small talk

    • Haha good one i like that.