How do you learn to trust someone that you are beginning to date?

Just wondering what it's like for you when you start to date someone. How do you trust that person with your heart? Are you vulnerable with them or do you put up a wall? What is it that they do or say that makes you feel like it's okay to start opening up to that person and really start letting them in?



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  • You do so at your own time and pace. You have to have your boundaries regardless to how long you known them. You have to always guard your heart and that includes them as well. A healthy relationship isn't about being vulnerable. It is about acknowledging each others concerns about the relationship and you two working to build something which can lead to more than a relationship. Perhaps to marriage if that is what you really want. When you feel pressured is when you need to stop seeing that person and get out. A person who cares will never force you to do anything you do not want to you, or is ready for. In the end, they need to respect your terms or its not going to work out. Find more about them, and ask any questions that concerns you. As long as you are able to get the answers that you need from them, willingly, you should be okay. The rest is up to you.


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  • id think you'd trust them by now, you wouldn't be dating them otherwise


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  • You don't and you shouldn't. Not reading.