What does he mean by this exactly?

So I just the gun and asked this guy that I have been hanging with if he had feelings for me and that was starting to have feelings for him (This was really big for me!) he responded by saying (My Name) I really like you and I really really like hanging out with you he went on to say that he isn't ready but he still wants to hang out and he isn't sure if he is ready for the next level. So is he truly just need time or do you think it's his way of friend zoning me?


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  • Hard to say for sure. A lot guys often aren't used to being placed in this situation and they might sugarcoat a lot to try to be as delicate as possible to the girl to avoid hurting her feelings.

    In my opinion confessing feelings so early is usually overtly bold. It's often better to just show it more indirectly with actions that can get him more interested in you.

    For example, just grabbing a guy and kissing him quickly on the lips might often work out better than confessing feelings to him, since the kiss might make him more attracted to you while simultaneously conveying interest. It's also easier if the response isn't so great to just say, "I just felt like doing that" with a smile and make it more fun and lighthearted.

    In any case, only way to find out for sure is to spend more time with him.

    • One thing as a suggestion. The next time you see him, try to look your absolute best and sexiest but without going overboard. He'll probably be mulling this over in his mind and if you look stunning the next time he sees you, it might help a lot.

    • It all boils down to whether he wants to have sex with you, since at the heart of romantic feelings is sexual interest (why we don't fall romantically for people outside of our sexual orientation). So the goal to elevate things past a friendly level is to try to appeal to him sexually.

  • It kind of does seem like that


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  • Just based on that info, I'd say he likes you as a friend but I'm sure there more to it all than just what you've described.