Is my boyfriend for real? Is he being selfish?

So today I got out of work and used my Spotify to find out my boyfriend was using it but he hadn't answered to my texts, eventhough I kept plying my song he kept changing it, so i called him to tell him to leave my account until I got home his response was "use the radio I'm trying to smoke". I got home and texted him at what time I was picking him up tomorrow to take him to work, he wasn't answering so i asked him who was he with his response "I'm home with a friend trying to hear some music and you're just bothering me, leave me alone what the fuck"
Seriously what's wrong with him!!


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  • it happens in a relationship, it sucks but itll calm down.


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  • What was he smoking? Just an ordinary cigarette or something more?

    His behaviour was very disrespectful towards you, so next time he is spending alone time with you confront him about it. Let his response determine what you do next

    • Ordinary cigarette 😔

    • The most important aspect of a relationship is respect. If he doesn't respect you then he'll treat you in a disrespectful way.

      I couldn't be with a guy who behaved this way towards me. I'd confront him to see his response. If he couldn't see anything wrong with his behaviour, or he continued to disrespect me , then I'd respect myself and walk away, and love myself enough to move on from him


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  • Whose account is it? So if it's yours then he's being selfish. If it's his then give him his space

  • Sounds like a real jerk.