Does guys get excited when they know they gave the girls her first kiss?

Or you guys will get affraid, turn off, run away, and dont want to date her because she gets no experience?
Guys, what's on your mind if you meet those kind of girls? Should those girls keep that as a secret?

p/s: Boys n Girls under 17 don't count here!


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  • I wouldn't say "excited", but I'd certainly be pleased to have had the honor of kissing her first. And I definitely wouldn't get afraid or run away- if anything, it'd have the opposite effect. If she's had no experience, then I'd be emboldened, and I'd be even more enthusiastic about dating her (provided she already met my standards, of course- and if we'd already got to the stage of kissing and making out, then it's a given that she would have had to). What would be on my mind, upon finding that out? Probably something along the lines of thanking the fates which brought the two of us together; while also trying to ward off the deeply tempting desire to wander off into idealistic fantasies of being predestined, one-and-only, star-crossed true lovers.


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  • I guess they would enjoy the idea of being a girl's first kiss.


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  • I dont think the word excited is the right word, Its an awesome feeling to know i gave a girl her first anything..

  • First kiss would just be nice.. not excited as such


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