Why is a guy I dated 6months ago randomly contacting my mom on facebook?

We broke up because our relationship turned to long distance. I wanted to make it work but he didn't. I was hurt and to move on i told him i need to block him. We had no idea if he would be able to return because of his job. He still had my family on facebook. I dont have facebook. Fast track now to 6 months and he randomly contacts my mom to go have coffee with her because his back in town? And has even been friendly with my mates on facebook.

What could he be up too?


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  • I think that he wants you back and he's trying to do it by convincing your mother that he's a good option, assuming that your mother has a good influence over you.


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  • I think you already asked this... Anyway, it sounds odd to me. Also, do not panic but there might be a possibility that he's attracted to your mother.