Why did he get so distant?

GUYS: i started talking to this guy a couple weeks ago and we have hung out a few times. we did some sexual things but never actually had sex. when we first started talking it was SO fun. there was never a dull moment and we were basically talking at all hours we were awake. then after our last hangout he got so distant. we did more sexy things but again no sex as this was only the 3rd hangout. after he left, he barley texted me and never snapchats me anymore unless I snap him first. I don't know if this is something guys typically do if I somehow turned him off? i don't know if I should ask him about it because I don't want to freak him out but I'm not sure what to do. it is eating me alive not knowing why he got so distant!!


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  • Just forget it and get on with your life without him


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  • You did not turn him off. However, he is not interested in anything serious and he no longer contacts you because he doesn't want to give you hope. Instead, he does this stupid thing of replying in a cold manner because he's too chicken-shit to tell you that it's over.