Why was he so mean?

I hooked up with him once but he always said mean things to me when i didn't visit him. And later on he rejected me and he said really mean things. He was really disrespectful... he said i was unstable bitch. That i was a disappointment. That i was not worth much, that he has another girl who is better then me cause she has rich parents he even said to her 'your mother' when she replied to a comment. He said i was entertaiment and stupid and just a rebound. This all because he thought i went to another guy when i absolutely didn't. He said i didn't deserve his dick... afteer him i didn't wanted to date another guy... why was he so mean? He also expected me to take him placea and show him to my family after a couple a days and pratically forced himself on me and when i didn't invite him because i didn't know he wanted me he went to another girl who did take him places


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  • Hey don't take any of those to heart, the guy was clearly a huge asshole and who knows if he meant any of those. I'm sure you're a great person and I wouldn't dwell on this guy because most likely he's just unstable. He also seemed like he expected WAY too much for some reason and some of what he says makes no sense. You're just a rebound but he wants to meet your parents? Sounds weird to me. Fuck that guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ugh he sounds like a horrible person to be around. I do not understand why you have still kept in contact with that douchebag.