Am I asking for too much too soon?

I had been talking to a guy for roughly 6 months, and we were basically a couple without the title. He moved for the duration of the summer, but is back now and he began talking to me again.
When he mentioned how he wanted to take me on a date, I briefly discussed how the past few months have been quite difficult for me and people have be using me. (I had to lose a lot of friends.)
So I straight up asked him what his intentions were if we really did start talking again, I didn't want the burden of finding out the hard way. He said he thought about a relationship but wasn't sure, as he's moving again in about 8 months. Now we've planned a date this Saturday and I want to tell him that I don't think I can continue talking to him unless we become official. I'm not looking for a permanent relationship, just something until he leaves is fine. Casual dating, or what have you. But my question is, am I diving in too soon? Should I wait a couple dates then bring it up? Furthermore, how should I go about bringing it up? I just don't think I can keep a friends with benefits or 'more than friends' kind of relationship without feeling used in the end.

Note: I'm really nervous about waiting to bring it up though, we live about an hour apart and I don't think it's fair to either one of us to make the drive and spend money on dates without it going anywhere. By anywhere I mean unless he says he wants a relationship, I don't intend on having sex with him. I'd feel like such a bitch because we sexted last night.


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  • First of all u need to make sure of ur feelings imagine if u asked him and said yes will u be happy or no second u need to make sure of his feelings dz he really dzrv this relation and i think u need to wait a little and its btr if he asked u
    And u need to be ready to for the negative answer


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  • Well it's probably not a first date conversation. I would wait a date or two just to make sure that a relationship might is what you two actually want

  • I would probly pull away alittle and assess a woman who came at me like that.

    • In a bad way I assume?

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    • Like " i would have sex with you if you just commit"

    • I wasn't going to say "We can't have sex unless we define the relationship" it was going to be "I don't think this is going to work out for me if sex is what you're looking for." I feel stupid because I was a bit drunk last night and when he sexted I was all for it in the moment. Should've thought it though.

  • You seem desperate

    • Rather seem desperate then feel used.

    • True

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  • You are not asking for too much too soon. You should bring it up as soon as possible. You shouldn't waste your time with someone who's unwilling to commit to you. Also, stop sexting him.