What can I do to get het to like me?

OK there's this girl think I have the biggest crush on this girl and my friend liked her to but the thing is she likes my friend too .But the good thing is that she can't date yet. But the thing is I'm REALLY REALLY GOOD friend with her and she said she would date me but she doesn't like me. Is this a good or bad thing and how can I get her to like me. please I love this girl and I want her like me can I get your help


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  • If you're already "really really good friends" with her and she doesn't like you I don't know that there's much you can do. You shouldn't force her into it, anyway. Just stay friends with her. She probably knows you like her and over time maybe her feelings will change.


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  • She will date you but doesn't like u. is this serious. (also you said she can't date yet) you need to get your question straifght.

    • It is, she said that she wood like to date me because were really good friends but she don't like me pluss she can't date, her parents say she's to young

    • It is dude she said that she wood like to date me because were really good freinds but she can't date yet.her parents said that she's to young

  • Dude, she said she doesn't like you. Get over it, find a girl who does.