How much of an issue is dressing to you?

As a guy are you ok with your lady wearing crop tops, really short mini skirts and having things like tattoos and piercings?
As a girl are you ok with a man sagging, wearing multiple chains and has tattoos and piercings?


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  • I'm fine with all of those things. Tattoos I find attractive. Piercings I find attractive to some extent. Chains look pretty cool so those are cool too. Sagging is okay. I don't particularly like it but I don't dislike it. It's fashion trend so who cares.

    • i like subtle tattoos and subtle piercing like nose piercing or nipple piercing.

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    • 186 000 to be exact and thankyou :) i helped pewdiepie some time ago etc you can search my name taltigolt

    • @zzcool Shit that's so cool nice!


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  • If that was how I initially met him then I don't see why I should be able to pick apart his style and wardrobe what he finds comfortable. I personally don't like piercings on men, Use to but no longer so we wouldn't be dating.

  • Hah, well the first statement is basically me, so I assume my boyfriend is okay with it! And I let him dress however he wants, I'm not his mother. As far as tattoos and piercings, I usually consider that a bonus, so yeah, I'm okay with those as well.

  • My man has tattoos, that doesn't bother me, I find them attractive, but I do like him to dress smart, so his ass won't be hanging out etc, he's not one for taking his top off in public though so that's never an issues for us.

  • No sagging and no chains for my man please.


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