I haven't heard back?

Hey, I have been dating a guy long-distance for over a year. We were very full-on at the start and travelled to lots of different places to meet each. He took lots of time off work and travelled quite far distances. It became apparent at the start of the year that we weren't going to be able to see each other for a couple of months and it ended. I didn't want to end and I was very upset.

I initiated contact again after 4 months and we agreed to see each other again. He travelled to see me and then I travelled to see him, the last time. We got on like a house on fire. He was texting me straight after and then I didn't hear from him for a week. i broke and called him and we had a conversation. He was out at the time. He told me to call him before I left on a work trip the following week. I called him, it was actually on the day he was moving houses, and didn't hear anything. I thought it was okay because he was busy.

That was 4 days ago. He knows I am travelling for work. I am going a bit mad. We are not exclusive, which is fine, but I keep going to this place that I just won't hear from him again, after what happened the last time. My phone is out of coverage for a lot of the day, so maybe he did try to call. I know he is away this weekend, so I don't want to smother him and also, I feel there is a lot going on with him, so I don't want to become an extra complication.

We can't see each other for at least 5 weeks at the moment. It's such a hard one. When I am with him it is amazing, when I leave it is so hard. If I could look into a crystal ball and know I would hear from him, I would just chill-out. The wanting to know what is happening verses not choking the relationship in the early days is killing me. As you can see I am a TERRIBLE over- analyser. Are there any men there that can help?


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  • You just going to have to chill and don't stress out about it. The distant part is out of your control and also the both of you having busy schedules part is to. You sre going to have to be patient and not get over emotional about the situation. Just go with the flow and do the best you can. I think just as long you both make effort and time to see each when not busy then that is the best you can do for now.


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  • If you are not exclusive, you should not expect him to text you all the time. Anyway, you're dating for over a year. What makes you think he's ever going to change his mind about being exclusive?