If a girl I just met mentioned her ex boyfriend is that a bad sign?

I just met this girl I find attractive and we were kind of talking about some random stuff and she mentioned her ex. She mentioned him only once and it was relevant to the topic but still does that mean she's not over him? We were talking about food and eating and stuff and she mentioned her ex boyfriend that he was always timing his every every meal (he was into bodybuilding) and how annoying that was. What does it mean?


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  • hi, to be a positive aspect for you, for a girl to mention her ex in this way is actually a good thing from my perspective. you state it was only brief, she was expressing to you an issue that effected her with him and his problems that ultimately ended their relationship we all talk about our pasts to a degree, to me i see she was having a good time with you eating out and it was relaxing and it made her realise this so she expressed it to you verbally that this was a difference to her and this is a prime example of how us females and males have not been helped and educated about our differences in life and expressions because you are doubting why she said it, she said it to you because you made her feel better about life and a situation that her ex had made her feel uncomfortable in, she was promoting you and her, do you see? xx

  • No I wouldn't worry about that.
    You were eating and she was complaining about her exes meal timing. That's pretty related I think.
    I personally have no problem talking about my ex on my first date. He is my ex for a reason and I'm over him I feel comfortable talking about him.
    If it was like you guys getting pasta and she says 'o my ex loves/hates pasta' like says something unnecessary about him that you don't need to know, then maybe.
    But I think in your case, she genuinely complaining about his timing lol and she was basically telling you that now she's happy that she doesn't need to deal with that. Anyways your case, she meant nothing. If she kept mentioning about her ex you should worry then but I wouldn't for now.


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  • Just Once? Shouldn't be that big of a deal. But if it's starting to change and she mentions him more and more frequent than ever before I'd watch out and become more suspicious that maybe she really have something else going on in her head and with her emotions. And that she may be only taking you for granted only and only using you as her "rebound guy", just taking advantage of you to fill her "void" or "emptiness" or "unhappiness" or whatever else it might be such as a stand-in or replacement for her ex.

    At some point you want to be blunt about it if there are signs and different behavior, talk with her and ask her bluntly about it that you want to have her be straight up honest with you in regards to whether or not she feels she can move forward and let ho of her ex and her past relationship with him.

    And "if" she really isn't completely over her ex and had not moved on, then it's probably time to reconsider if it's really worth your time, energy, and effort to continue your relationship with her.