I hate when I do this ! What can I do?

I find myself interested in a guy and I see him being interested too... I start becoming really distant and prefer to ignore them... I haven't been in a relationship I'm 17 right now... I've felt that I've lost opportunities to fall in love but I cut myself from it... In school I tend to ignore my crush and what I really want to do is go up to him or at least say hi , I've talked to him before many times but I haven't been motivated to do it again... If afraid soon he'll find love and knowing I didn't talk to him much ! ;-; please help ! It's appreciated :(

I *prevent myself from falling in love


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  • OMG you're me! I would talk to my crush through text but when I saw him in public I would hide, mainly because he was with all his friends and I felt intimidated. We became distant, I'm not sure why but I think it was because I wasn't like the other girls he talked to (He was a player) But anyway, back to you. Try to catch up with him be like "hey, how was your summer?" "we haven't talked in awhile" Figure out why you're afraid to talk to him too. I still have this issue because I feel like he's way out of my league, so I shut down.


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  • If you wanted a relationship you wouldn't pull back. You may want him to do some chasing, but no guy is going to do that. They probably don't even know you like them in the first place to be honest, because you get distant so quickly.

  • It seems like you really like this guy. I remember how it feels to be in love at around your age. Good times... First of all, you need to stop freaking out, because as long as you do what you need to do everything will most likely work out. I'm sorry, but you NEED to talk to him, or else nothing will happen. Don't overthink it, just say "hey" and start up a casual conversation during class or something. Even just borrowing his pencil is fine.

  • i do this too!!!
    well for me when i know they like me i and like them i become so shy and then i try and play it cool but it comes off as being cold and not interested. I have lost so many opportunities and i hate it! What i have found to do is that you really just have to put yourself out there and talk to them, and if it doesn't work out in the end at least you know you tried, in stead of letting it fade away and you not knowing what went wrong.