What should I do next with this guy?

So I've known this guy for a month, we've met three times and we're very comfortable with each other now (as friends). However, we haven't reached any deep emotional stuff yet (like getting to know on a high personal level). After the third time seeing him, I stayed silent for a week to see if he would contact me back (since I had mostly been the one to reach out to him), and he just did, asking me how i'm doing. He didn't mention to see me again so I think he really just wanted to know how I'm doing wihout having a plan to meet me yet. Now I don't know what I should do next, should I continue staying silent till he asks me out again? (Which I'm afraid will somehow fade away the connection). Or should I ask him out soon? If so what should we do this time since the last 3 times were pretty much casual hanging out and I think it'd be boring if we did that again!


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  • I think you are hoping for something that is not there. By his actions, he seems to want friendship and nothing more. I'm sorry, I know that is not what you want to hear.


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  • He doesn't feel a strong connection to you beyond a friend he hangs with sometimes. I would invest your dating efforts elsewhere sweetheart.