Getting a player to like you?

So I was at a festival with friends and shared a tent with this guy from my school for a week. We did everything except sex and he was saying how he wants to take me out and stuff and spending all his time with me. On the last day he backed off and basically said he doesn't want a serious relationship. I was so drunk so can barely remember but apparently we had a big talk about it. We had been texting a bit but he had been taking agggges to reply but he was also asking questions to make the convo and stuff. I only just found out from friends when I got home that he's a total player and has messaged a lot of girls in my school and ended things by saying he doesn't want anything and stuff. I went out yesterday and couldn't get home so he met me to get public transport with me and nothing happened we were just talking for ages. Before I left to get in a taxi he said "are we on the same wavelength then me and you?" and i was like what do you mean and he said he'd text me about it but it's now the next day and still no text. I'll see him at school next week and want to know any ways I can redeem myself because I know I messed up by doing stuff with him but I want to try and see what could happen between us. I'm good friends with his friends aswell and I know he finds me very physically attractive so are there any tips anyone can give me? And please don't say I should ignore him he's not worth my time etc, I appreciate the advice but I want to know how I can get this guy back. Any advice? Thank you :)


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  • You won't get him to like you and trust me he isn't worth it.

    You will dump feelings onto him and he won't give a flying fuck and then you will go down the road of thinking all men are evil yada yada...

    Source: I was a player

    • If this helps I texted him before he could get a chance to saying I only saw him as a friend and am not attracted to him in that way haha he replied saying he's glad i want to be friends, have I helped myself by doing this?

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    • Yea that could indeed work. It would be really odd but it is a solution worth considering

    • I guess i'll have to give it a go haha, thank you so much for all your help

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  • Why would you want to be with a player. Players, both male and female , usually play with your feelings and manipulate you. You'd never know for sure how genuine he was. You'd never know if his feeling a were real or not.

    I couldn't be with a guy like that. I need to know where i stand with a guy. . Being with a player will put you in such a vulnerable position. I''d never intentionally put myself in a situation like that


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  • gotta be honest here. Let the guy run after you. If he is really interested he will. If he was just fooling around and is now onto the next girl than see it as a lesson learned 😬

  • If he's a player, he's not going to change for you. Why? Cause being a player has to with who he is and not who you are. You could be the perfect girl and he would play you. You said you don't want advice that you should leave him alone, so I guess you could play hard to get. You need to act like you don't care but the second he notices you do care he'll most likely leave. But good luck. Just know most likely you will be the one getting hurt in the end.

  • Ouch , make him remember you , and dont be like other girls 😏