How To Get A Girl I Like To Like Me Back?

I currently like this girl who I met around a week to two weeks ago through my friends. I had one of my friends ask her if she's would be interested to go on a date with me to just get to know each other and talk. Unfortunately, she told my friend that "she's not into asians". I met up with my friends recently again and she came along. We had a few small conversations but i could tell she wasn't that interested since she was just on her phone and not really talking to me as much as i was to her. There was also always a constant awkward tension in the air between us. I added her on facebook today and she accepted my request. What should i do at this point? Do I still have a chance? Im planning on messaging her and simply saying "heyy (her name) sorry i made it awkward these past few times we met up. I dont want things to be awkward between us and i think you're a cool person and just want to get to know u more". Is that something I should say or what exactly should i do? Any advice/suggestion is appreciated and welcomed. Thanks!!! :)


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think saying that would help your cause at all. Better just leave it alone. It doesn't look like she's interested.


What Guys Said 2

  • You lost it when you had a friend ask her if she would be interested. That is a chicken's way out and girls are looking for guys with confidence. Don't ever use that trick again!

  • My advice? Give up the pipe dream.
    She's clearly indicated she's not into you. Several times she's made it clear your not the guy for her. So so yourself a favor and her as well and don't pester her any longer.