His female friend went through my things, stole my money... I know if I say anything about it, he won't listen?

my boyfriend is 23 years old He has a best bud who is in his late 20s and his buds roomate is a 39 year old woman She is very needy my boyfriend and his bud are all she appears to have She relies on his bud as sort of a care taker She has a disability diabities but she is otherwise perfectly fit She refused to buy a car from my bfs mother at a very low price and his mother relayed to me she's comfortable doesn't like me and doesn't want me around I was spending the weekend with my boyfriend couple weeks back she was passive aggressive openly abrasive and rail roaded over our plans we had prepared 2 weeks in advance My last trip last week I went to my piggy bank in my drawer (in his dresser by his bed) and looked for some of my cash 10 dollars was left out of 80 I didn't take it my boyfriend didn't take it his bud wouldn't take it his family wouldn't take it and it makes NO SENSE that its gone My boyfriend never carries cash on him he always leaves his on the bookshelf right next to the doorway of his room in plain sight My stuff was in an old dresser near his bed with a mirror ontop and my bag (of toiletries, shampoo toothbrush hairbrush lotion perfume etc ) just above my clothing drawer Someone intentionally had to go over to that particular drawer to root through my things I feel like my hands are tied My boyfriend would rather cut his hand off than have any sort of conflict and I know this woman took my money Yesterday I added her to Skype to try to be friendly perhaps make her feel more comfortable.. she took me off an hour after adding me and I think that was a sublte fu Last night my boyfriend spent the evening with his bud and she tagged along What do I do? She stole my money and I don't even care I lost 80 dollars I'm deeply disturbed she rifled through my clothing, my panties, bras, etc etc. I'm so sickened and confused. His mother mentioned she was manipulative and extremely immature and to expect her to be very aggressive. Rudeness I can deal with, this no.


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  • What was this woman LOOKING for? Gee..

    You don't have a healthy relationship if you don't feel you can up and tell your be what is going on in his circle of 'friends.'

    • He just told me yesterday when he was with his bud aimie (the woman ) said i didn't like her. jesus christ what the fuck. I have gone out of my way to be welcoming and friendly I've met her 4 times and she thinks i hate her?

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  • Why are you still dating him?

  • Well you have no proof she took it. And just sounds like she's after your boyfriend. You need to talk to your boyfriend about the fact you don't feel comfortable around her if it comes to it he can meet them somewhere else