Guys and Girls, do you flirt with others when you're in a relationship that is coming to an end? What if your partner did that to you?

This guy I know mentioned how once he gave in to hanging out with these girls in their apt, and was chatting up one who was into him but that he knew he probably needed to get out of there bc he was in a LDR but that it was fine because the relationship was bad and about to end. He did leave soon after and not hookup even though the girl asked him to. And I also know of another instance where he was really into/flirty with this other girl in his friend group, and was also in the last month of an ending relationship that was not LD. They didn't do anything until after the breakup but he never mentioned the girl friend before mentioning he had just gone through a breakup

Is this normal behavior? To me this guy just sounds like someone who will cheat even if he didn't in those instances? Do people normally lose those boundaries at the end of a relationship?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well if it's clear that the relationship is going downhill, it doesn't make sense to me to let it linger on, especially if one has thoughts of infidelity.


What Girls Said 1

  • Course they don't. Its disrespectful to the person they're with.