Do you want to be successful or not (Rhetorical )?

Some people get on here, ask what they are doing wrong with the opposite sex, why they are hitting a brick wall... so we are good enough to be honest and give them a golden truth. Then they try to argue. Take advise or GTFO.


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  • depends on your definition of successful

    • I added an update to make it more definitive:)

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    • Nice philosophy ☆♡☆

    • you're welcome :)

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  • I am successful!

    My opinions may not always be the ones the asker wants to hear but they are valid and viable. My opinions are based upon my life experience which is never going to be identical to anyone else's. It may have similarities, some things may be an exact match but not every thing will totally match. The asker can take my opinion at face value and decide whether it would apply to them or not and go from there.

    I am who I am. I make no apologies for who I am. You can take me or leave me, you can love me or hate me. I have people in my life that accept me, I have people who shun me and most importantly I have people in my life who love me just as I am for who I am.

    When I post an opinion most of the time I'm genuinely trying to help the asker. I admit sometimes I can come off as being a sarcastic Bitch but in real life I am a sarcastic Bitch.


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  • I think everybody does, or at least I would hope so lol

  • Preach

  • A rhetorical question is a question that does not require an answer. Therefore, I'm giving none.


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