3 year difference in age?

So my daughter is 16, and we're on a camping trip with some family friends. My best friends son celebrated his birthday and brought a ton of his friends. So my daughter was hanging out with them and one started flirting with her. Now she is kind of interested and is asking me questions like, is it ok for her to like someone who is 13. I don't know what to tell her, please help!


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  • Wow, what an odd combination. Never really seen that before. Very socially awkward for sure. The younger they are the worst it is. Nothing really wrong unless they become physically intimate. Let them "date". I am sure after a month or so it will pass and they will move on.


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  • How are you 18 to 24 with a 16 yesr old


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  • Uhhh, hmmm... that's kind of a hard question. Usually girls on here like guys who are older LOL. But honestly in 2 years from now one will be 15 and one will be 18 and depending where you live sex would be illegal. Unless if it isn't there then maybe it'd be fine. Haha tough question.

  • Stop her right now cuz teens can be assholes... Majority of them are actually assholes.

    Stop her right now before cancer cause a tumer..:)

  • well relationships are legal, but sex wouldn't be when she is 18.

  • 16 year old girl and a 13 year old boy , trust me it won't work out either way , she's already in high school and he's just finishing public school? it might seem cute on the camping trip but isn't going to fly once there back home

    • in america 13-14 year olds go to highschool

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    • when she is in college he will be in 11th or 12th grade

    • @Bobbyhill1 it still seems weird by 16 a lot of girls are starting to have sex and date , by 13 the boy isn't ready to have sex even if he thinks he is its way too soon

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