Have I missed my chance?

So there was a girl in my class I had crush on. We used to talk a little bit. We haven't meet since 6 months. I never initiated any conversation with her because I was way too shy. I have her number and we have texted a bit. I thought I just had a crush on her and I will be able to forget her afterwards. But the thing is now I think of her all the day. She used to try to talk to me and I used to avoid her as a dumb fuck. How can I ask her to meet me? Will that sound creepy? I just want to tell her my feelings. What's the best way to tell her my feelings considering I'm shy. Help me !!


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  • Text her asking to hang out sometime. If she has tried to talk to you then she's probably interested as well. When she talks to her you gotta talk back or she's gonna feel like you want nothing to do with her. Also don't tell her just yet about your feelings it can be very overwhelming when someone spills out to them how much they like them and it could drive her away. Wait a bit till you guys have talked more and got to know each there better and then when you feel you guys are close enough then tell her you have feelings. 😇

    • I can't ask her randomly to hang out with me :(

    • Lool well you first need to have a conversation and after be like " hey we should chill sometime" 😂

  • hey girl , i don't wanna sound creepy , but i would love meet you , you seem fun to talk to and hope to hear from you sometime !


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  • No that won't sound creepy. Tell her your enjoying your texting back and forth and see if she would like to meet up for lunch, coffee or a dinner date.