How can I be sure his intentions are pure?

So, I'm just your everyday, ordinary, hardworking young woman. I'm very driven in my career and hoping to finish a doctorate in the very near future. I don't go out much, I've never been a big party girl, and I can count my sexual partners on one hand... With missing digits at that.

Somehow, I managed to attract the attention of arguably the most interesting person I've met in my life while on vacation with family. He's much taller, much older, and definitely much more financially stable: think "jet setter".

And don't get me wrong, so far I really like this person, but ultimately I want to make sure he is genuinely interested in me as a person, not just a young slim girl with large boobs.

So, how do I ensure his intentions are pure before things go too far? I don't want to be taken advantage of in any way, nor do I want him to feel I am taking advantage of him.

He's very busy but always makes time to talk to me, and has said he likes me very much on several occasions.
I just don't know how to navigate this sort of situation, and don't want to share all the details with friends just yet, so general advice would be greatly appreciated :).


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  • Don't worry about taking advantage of him. As long as he knows how you feel about the relationship, you aren't taking advantage.

    What specifically are you worried about? It doesn't sound like he's going to be taking anything from you but time. Just don't have sex with him until you want to do it. And don't sell yourself short -- you sound like a great catch for someone. If you think it could get serious then think about the future given the age difference and make sure you are prepared for him to age before you do. Good luck.


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  • That's a risk most women take isn't it? There's no difference if this guy is a jet setter or if he works at the local supermarket. You really don't know his intentions are pure or if he's just out to bed you. As a woman you just follow your instincts. That's the best you can do, and it helps to get to know the guy - I mean realky get to know him - before you let yourself sleep with him so you can gauge behavior and any potential warning signs that may come up.


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  • Just tell him you want to wait until you know