If I don't cry after being rejected by my crush, did I like her?

I was rejected a few days ago at the end of our date. We're still friends and still talk but for some reason I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. Now i'm questioning if I liked her, or perhaps the effect hasn't hit me yet?


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  • If you two didn't spend a significant amount of time dating, then maybe your feelings were there but just hasn't developed that strongly due to the time scale. If you have experience it could also just be you knowing it will be OK and that you'll survive.


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  • You liked her but the feelings just weren't that strong enough to hurt

    For me, I have crushed on a guy all year this year. But when he said he was leaving and that he told me that he needed to let me know that he liked me- I thought that I'd at least be sad. But I wasn't and I was ok with it. I still liked him but knew it wasn't going anywhere so I just accepted it.

  • It is a sign of emotional maturity. You accepted it was over and moved on.


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